What is Guncode

What is Guncode
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We haven't decided yet, but as far as we know it is an alian.
This is the description of the project that got us on Source Forge.
Project Unix Name:  guncode

Software to drive a Laser Tag gun and pack that deals with configurations such as
Game Time, Shots available and fired, Delay between shot, Reload
Speed, Dead Time, Names for players displayed on LCD screen, and
reporting back to a main computer for score cards, Also supporting
multiple game types eventually like Everyone vs Everyone, Teams,
Sniper, Tag, autofire.

I am writing the code in c/c++
it should run in Linux, but in theory can be moved to other OS or
embedded chips. Its command line software designed to be used to drive
infrared communications between the gun and and main computer.
Should support at least 10 players but hopefully more.


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